Forensic & Industrial Science Ltd provides scientific advice and expert evidence for Court purposes. Our staff are familiar with the Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses and have been providing expert evidence for many years.

All staff at Forensic & Industrial Science Ltd hold university qualifications in Forensic Science and/or Chemistry. We prepare our own documents and take pride in producing reports and briefs that are clear and comprehendible.


We undertake a variety of services in relation to the criminal justice system.

For example, we can:

• review evidence facing your client and provide a free no-obligation quote for Legal Aid;

• critically appraise Crown evidence to help your client make informed plea decisions;

• independently evaluate the probative value of technical evidence;

• carry out independent analysis of drugs;

• independently examine and test firearms;

• provide expert evidence in Court;

• examine physical evidence including Court exhibits;

• attend crime scenes;

• carry out experimental simulations to test Crown and defence hypotheses for cases involving blood stain evidence, firearms and ballistics, clothing damage and other physical evidence.

Expert Evidence

Areas in which staff at Forensic & Industrial Science Ltd can provide expert evidence include firearms and ballistics analysis, forensic chemistry including clandestine laboratory manufacture of methamphetamine, and physical evidence.

We specialise in yield calculations to determine the total amount of methamphetamine or other drugs manufactured from a given amount of pre-cursor. If your client is facing serious drugs-related charges involving technical evidence, we can help you understand it.

Forensic & Industrial Science Ltd own and operate our own laboratory and can present our findings in Court. We can examine and analyse trace evidence using microscopic and microanalytical methods, including arson samples, drugs and other compounds of forensic interest. We also can examine and test-fire firearms.

Australian Samples

Please contact us for more information on any of the services listed above or to obtain an obligation-free estimate of costs.