About Us

about us

Forensic & Industrial Science Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned company with branches in Auckland and Rotorua. 

We have been testing for methamphetamine contamination and inspecting clandestine drug laboratories since 2004. We have been International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) accredited for the analysis of methamphetamine in environmental surface samples since 2014 and for the collection of methamphetamine surface samples since 2015.

In addition to testing for methamphetamine contamination, staff have many years’ experience in a wide range of scientific fields, including providing expert evidence, analytical services, and asbestos identification. 

All staff at Forensic & Industrial Science Ltd hold a university qualification in Forensic Science and/or Chemistry.

Forensic & Industrial Science Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned company

feedback and complaints

At Forensic and Industrial Science Ltd we encourage receiving all types of feedback, including negative feedback as well as complaints.

If you wish to give feedback on our services, please call our office on 0800 28 99 99 or send an email to admin@forensicscience.co.nz. Alternatively complete our general enquiry form on our website.

Staff will acknowledge your feedback or complaint within five working days. If staff are not able to address the topic of your feedback or complaint it will be passed on to the company Director. Your complaint will be handled within 15 working days of receiving the initial complaint.

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