10 - Training Overview

We provide specialised training opportunities and workshops in areas we have expertise in.
This is a great opportunity to invest in your company, gaining knowledge and building skills for the future!

Construction Materials Science Workshop

Aimed at both amateur and experienced builders, we have designed a series of workshops to enhance the scientific skills of a builder. This may sound odd at first, but as a builder, how often do you find yourself asking questions like, “Why is this material used instead of another?”

Workshops are delivered in a language everyone can comprehend. Written material is provided – no need to take extensive handwritten notes. These courses are an excellent opportunity to meet others involved in innovation within the building industry.

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Sample of a piece of concrete slab with sample identification tag in the background

Why Learn From Us?

Our company has been operating for 20 years, offering top scientific consulting and related services. Not only do all of our staff hold tertiary qualifications in Forensic Science and/or Chemistry, we have many years of experience as professional scientists. Our knowledge is broad-based and valuable and our experience sets us apart from the crowd.

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