8 - Geology & Petrography Page

Economic Geology

We offer a comprehensive range of geological services for the mining and minerals industries. 

Applications for Exploration and Prospecting permits: we can prepare applications for minerals exploration and prospecting within New Zealand and can help you comply with relevant regulations and statute law from start to finish of your minerals exploration or prospecting programme. 

Preparation of reports on permit areas: we prepare concisely‑written illustrated reports on our scientific findings arising from geological investigation carried out in the course of exploration and prospecting programmes in New Zealand and elsewhere. 

Stock exchange disclosure: we can prepare independent disclosure statements for the stock exchange and Competent Persons Reports. 

Mineral Resource and Reserve estimation: We carry out resource estimation and reporting to JORC and SAMREC codes standards. 

Geology samples of rocks with sample number identification
Petrographic view of a colourful mineral


We can carry out microscopic examination and X‑ray analysis of mineralized and other geological materials such as industrial sands and aggregates. Results can be integrated with geochemical and field mapping results if required. 


We can collect and prepare samples for geochemical analysis and can carry out independent audits of third party assay results produced in other laboratories. Services include inorganic and organic geochemical analysis. If we can’t analyse it in-house we will find someone who can. 

Petrographic view of a colourful mineral
Petrographic view of a colourful mineral

Exploration geology

Our competent, energetic field geologists can carry out exploration and prospecting work in all corners of the globe. 

We specialise in field mapping and lithostratigraphy for minerals exploration. Staff are extremely well-versed in New Zealand geology and lithostratigraphy with extensive experience in gold-tungsten mineralization, alluvial gold, silica, and non‑metallic minerals. 

Geological Research

Staff are actively involved in research on mineralogy, New Zealand regional geology, lithostratigraphy, paleoenvironment and paleoclimate. We routinely present results of our research at national and international conferences. 

We can assist visiting researchers by organizing fieldwork, accommodation and transport to relevant localities or stratigraphic sections. We can provide a wealth of local knowledge that helps make short trips to New Zealand for collection of research materials efficient, enjoyable and productive. 

Multiple circular samples of geological samples ready for analysis