12 - Construction Materials Science Workshops


We have designed a series of workshops to assist both amateur and experienced builders with their scientific understanding of building and construction materials. 

Workshops are delivered in a language everyone can comprehend. Our course instructor has many years' experience working as a scientist in a line of work that often involves consulting builders and designers on construction materials. 

Person cutting a small piece of building material on a saw
Person holding a ruler on a piece of timber and marking the line to cut with a pencil

Course Material

Our workshop series covers:

 • properties of building materials

 • selection of materials for strength, lightness, durability, cost,                     environmental considerations

 • moisture management and mould

 • indoor air quality and basic environmental chemistry of houses

 • insulation, heat flow and energy efficiency

In addition to the above material, if you have any specific topics you would like covered feel free to contact us with your requests.


Contact us for more information about about our construction materials courses. We can provide you with details about our upcoming courses and pricing. 

These workshops are a great opportunity to not only enhance your building skills and knowledge but to also meet others in the industry. 

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