9 - Expert Advice Page

Expert Scientists

Forensic & Industrial Science Ltd provides scientific advice and expert evidence for Court and Tribunal purposes. Our staff are familiar with the Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses and have been providing expert evidence for many years. We prepare our own documents and take pride in producing reports and briefs that are clear and comprehendible.

Microscopic comparison of two bullets for expert evidence for court

Expert Evidence

Our areas of expertise as Expert Witnesses for Court include firearms and ballistics, forensic chemistry including clandestine laboratory manufacture of methamphetamine, and physical evidence.

For cases before the Tenancy Tribunal, we can provide expert evidence on methamphetamine contaminated properties and contamination and remediation of building materials.

Evaluating Technical Evidence for Defence Barristers

If your client is facing serious charges involving technical evidence, we can help you understand it. Our scientists can evaluate and criticise technical evidence from the opposing side.

We can also undertake yield calculations to determine the total amount of methamphetamine or other drugs manufactured from a given amount of pre-cursor.

We prepare our own documents and take pride in producing reports and briefs that are clear and comprehensible. 

Two small cutouts of stained carpet from a crime scene next to a forensic ruler for court evidence
Experimental blood splatter on white paper with a description in writing on the paper of the experiment for court purposes

Independent Analysis

In addition to providing technical evidence, our scientists are able to perform independent laboratory analyses and simulations to test hypotheses put forward by the other side.

In our analytical laboratory we can confidently analyse drugs to give an independent expert opinion. We can also attend crime scenes and examine physical evidence including Court exhibits. Additionally, we can design custom experimental simulations to test hypotheses for cases involving firearms and ballistics, blood stain evidence, clothing damage, and physical evidence.