11 - Laboratory Analysis and Analytical Services

We operate our own independent analytical laboratory based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We have a fast turnaround time and complete control over quality.

In addition to the services that are listed below, we can design custom experimental work based on your requirements. Contact us today to see how our laboratory can help you.

Methamphetamine in Environmental Wipes

We can receive methamphetamine samples from qualified samplers throughout New Zealand and Australia and analyse them in accordance with NIOSH 9106. We offer competitive turnaround times and pricing to our regular clients. We can also provide sampling kits which contain all the necessary items to conduct the sampling while at a property.

As well as analysing samples and explaining the results, we offer consultancy services to assist our clients with their projects.

If you want to send your samples to us for analysis, please contact us directly or complete the form on the bottom of this page. We can then provide you information on pricing and where to send your samples.

Close up of many gas chromatograph vials with blue and red lids

Other Analytical Services

Our laboratory specialises in the ability to provide tailored methods unique to our clients’ requirements. We can perform routine methods as well.

We specialise in analyses relating to drugs, building materials, environmental and industrial contaminants, and rocks and minerals. Contact us today if you think our services could be of assistance.


Please provide as much information as possible about the laboratory services you require.

We aim to respond to all enquiries within one working day. Please do not send us samples without speaking to a member of staff beforehand.