Civil & Industrial Services

We know our stuff

At Forensic and Industrial Science Ltd we have many years’ experience working in civil litigation and solving industrial problems. Our scientists are highly qualified in a wide range of subjects. We can analyse building materials such as treated timber, natural stone, concrete, waterproofing membranes and paint coatings. We own and operate our own analytical laboratory and can carry out independent analysis of a wide range of building materials and products.
ianz accredited meth testing clan lab testing air sampling

Environmental Contamination

Our scientists have qualifications and experience in environmental science and chemistry. Our staff can attend contaminated sites to conduct inspections and collect samples. We offer consultancy services and can analysis samples sent to us. Please contact us for more information on sample analysis prior to sending samples.

We can conduct surface swabbing for contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides. We are also able to sample for air pollutants, including volatile organic compounds, malodourous compounds, acid gases and amines.

Lead Specialists

We can investigate lead contamination problems and help resolve them. Lead contamination is common in New Zealand buildings as lead was used in many types of paint prior to 1970. As this paint deteriorates, lead-containing dust can spread contamination to indoor and outside surfaces and into soils.

We have staff who are experienced with lead surface sampling and are knowledgeable on lead remediation techniques as described in AS/NZS 4361.2:2017. All staff at Forensic and Industrial Science Ltd also hold university qualifications in a relevant scientific discipline. We are accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) for the collection of surface swab samples for heavy metals, such as lead, in accordance with ASTM E1728-16.


Construction Materials

We offer a comprehensive range of investigative services for construction materials. We specialise in analysing materials implicated in leaky buildings and can assess the mode of failure. Our experts can provide evidence on water infiltration mechanisms and other topics. We can assess whether materials comply with specifications and standards.

We can offer many types of analyses and investigations including:

• membrane, sealant, and paint analysis;

• identification of number and thickness of coats in coating systems;

• petrographic analysis of stone samples in accordance with BS EN 12407:2007;

• petrographic examination of aggregate specimens for AAR and ASR in accordance with ASTM C856;

• residual expansion testing of concrete in accordance with BCA standard method of test;

• chloride ingress testing via test method AS 1012.20 and calculations as per ASTM C1556;

• colorimetric testing for carbonation depth in concrete as per BS EN 14630;

• specialist analysis of historical concrete for heritage architectural investigations.

In addition...

In addition to the services listed above, we are able to undertake custom experimental work. We can draft sampling plans in consultation with you and perform independent analyses in our laboratory. Please contact us to discuss the best course of action for your investigation.